Beat The Backlist 2018

Beat The Backlist 2018

I found this wonderfully exciting challenge on Instagram called Beat the Backlist. The challenge is to knock down the ever-growing TBR (To Be Read) Pile. The rules are fairly simple, you can only count books that were published BEFORE 2018.

I was initially drawn to this challenge for two reasons. The first was you put into teams randomly as you signed up. The team names are all medieval themed and I am on the Book Bards team! The second reason I was drawn to this challenge is because of my growing TBR pile that is insane and honestly, overwhelming. I will spend a lot time, that I could be reading, looking through book lists and adding books to read on my list. I also have gone to the bookstore, or Amazon, bought a book, or five, forget about them, go to the library, and read different books. I know I have a ton of books on my literal bookshelves and my Kindle shelves that I need to read. So, it is also somewhat of a resolution to not be wasteful. Read the books I own before I read new books. (Side Note: I will still read new books for my students, but I will have more balance and focus on what I already have at hand.)

My goal for this year? Read 50 books that are on TBR and published before 2018.

Are you signed up? Comment below if you are and we can talk about what books we are reading and how we are staying on track!


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