Mini Review: Ollie Oxley and the Ghost

Mini Review: Ollie Oxley and the Ghost

Ghosts Rule! Bullies Drool!

Those are the words Lisa Schmid inscribed in the ARC copy I won on a Twitter Giveaway. Those words will definitely draw my students in to read this book because these sixth graders love ghost stories.

Overall, I really enjoyed this mystery. My students love ghost stories and mysteries and this is a genre that I need more books to recommend from, so I am glad I read this one. I gave it 4 stars and have my thoughts below.

First Glance

The cover is so intriguing. The colors are complimentary and gorgeous. It is a cover that hooks you in because of the map and two boys, plus it is a little spooky looking!

My favorite part of the cover though? The cat! Isn’t he adorable? He looks like me little James. See the resemblance?

The first chapter is also a great beginning. My favorite line from the first page was “It’s bad enough that I’m the new kid. Now I am the new kid who lives in a Barbie doll Dreamhouse…Awesome.”

Other Thoughts

There was a great sprinkling of humor with the mystery, which my students would especially enjoy. The ending was also nicely wrapped up. I love a good ending!

I look forward to more books by Lisa Schmid and if this book sounded good for you, head on over to her website to order a copy!

Now this book is ready to make its way through the crew!

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